Trust Policies

All Trust policies go through a set procedure before they are brought to the Board of Trustees or relevant committee for approval. Policies are initially drafted or reviewed by senior staff members with due regard to relevant legislation and best practice.

Policies that are consistent across all academies within the trust are listed below. For additional school-specific policies please visit the appropriate school website.

Please click on the link below to take you to the appropriate policy:

CCLT Assessment Policy
CCLT Attendance Management Policy
CCLT Bereavement Leave Policy
CCLT Bullying and Harassment Policy Procedure and Toolkit
CCLT Capability Procedures – Teachers
CCLT Change Management Redundancy & Restructuring

CCLT Charging & Remissions Policy
CCLT Code of Conduct
CCLT Compassionate Leave Policy
CCLT Complaints Policy
CCLT Data Protection Policy

CCLT Director and governor Expenses and Allowance Policy
CCLT Disciplinary Policy
CCLT Equality Statement
CCLT Exclusion Policy
CCLT Flexible Working Policy
CCLT Grievance Policy
CCLT KCSIE Sept 2021
CCLT Leave of Absence Policy
CCLT Low Level Concerns Policy
CCLT Maternity Adoption Paternity SPL Policy
CCLT Parent Code of Conduct Policy
CCLT Pay Policy
CCLT Premises Management Policy
CCLT Probationary Period Procedure Policy
CCLT Recruitment & Selection Toolkit
CCLT Recruitment and Selection Policy
CCLT Staff Induction Policy
CCLT Volunteer Policy
CCLT Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures
CCLT Work Related Stress Policy