Finance & Audit Committee

The Board has established a number of committees, as identified in its Scheme of Delegation, to carry out some of its governance functions. This includes a dedicated Finance & Audit Committee.

This committee assists the Board in its on-going oversight of the Trust’s arrangements for budgeting, financial planning, financial performance and financial reporting in respect of both revenue and capital activities and the associated resource planning. It assesses the scope and effectiveness of the systems established to identify, manage and monitor financial risks to the Trust via the risk register. It also maintains an oversight of the Trust’s internal control, financial reporting and value for money frameworks in order to establish levels of compliance throughout the Trust.

This committee ensures regularity and propriety in use of the trust’s funds, and helps to achieve economy, efficiency and effectiveness – thus ensuring that the Trust provides value for money in the use of the public funding it receives.

This committee meets termly and the Chair of this committee for 2021/22 is Charles Oakley.