Strategic Priorities 2021/22

The Board of Trustees has a clear vison for the future development of the Trust and this is detailed in the Trust’s Strategic Plan 2020-2023. This plan identifies the following priorities for 2021/22:

i) Quality of Education – ensure learning recovery plan in place and review and revise Trust curriculum plan to reflect identified impact of pandemic. Ensure that we provide a curriculum that supports children to develop into confident and aspirational young people and to become positive global citizens of the world.
ii) Behaviour and Attitudes – To ensure children are fully supported to feel safe and attend school. To diminish any barriers that children may face in their personal lives and to ensure they are provided with every opportunity to enjoy and achieve their very best at our schools.
iii) Personal Development – identify any additional measures required to support personal development of pupils in light of pandemic. Support staff within schools to develop skills to support their colleagues and children with mental health and wellbeing.
iv) Leadership and Management – implement revised governance structure and review implications of DfE MAT Assurance Framework on operation of Trust. To continue to grow our board and reflect on skills that we can add to through additional training and new membership.
v) Trust Growth – develop opportunities to engage with potential additional schools and expand by 1 school if possible.
vi) Community – extend and develop Nursery provision at both schools. Expand our wraparound care offer to include high-quality holiday care provision.